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Exterior & Interior
Architectural Design Solutions

We specialise in a vast range of services… including the design of custom furniture

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Over the course of weekly design meetings with clients all aspects of the interior are proposed and drawn up. By the use of sketches and visual renderings the concept and space allocation is illustrated dependant on the client’s briefs, budget and concept.

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Larger residential premises, including outdoor facilities and large grounds hold many different elements and areas to consider both internally and externally. Attention is taken to all functional and aesthetical factors required by the client.

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Design hub strives to be innovative in its corporate design approach, ideally enticing employees coming to work and valuing client’s first impressions. Corporate brand identity is taken into account and is reflected within proposed designs.

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Catering establishment concepts and designs are offered as a package for customers. Package includes, creating the concept logo and brand identity dependant on client’s requirements. In tandem, the exterior and interior design, space allocation are determined benefitting from a holistic brand design approach.

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From boutique hotels to larger deluxe hotels we take pride in creating a competitive and innovative design attitude. Branding, aesthetics, functionality and general client / staff perception are of the highest importance. Design features and functionality must direct the right message and conditions for potential clients and competitors.

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our Work

These are some examples of our finished designs…

an apartment

+ More apartments

office before

Boutique hotel

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Our ethos

Design HUB Malta offers an exclusive, highly-personalised interior and exterior design service for a discerning clientele that aspires to elevate the standards of their living and work spaces. Founded in 2011 by managing director and lead-designer Sean Cassar, the firm was set up with the vision of delivering quality and expertise to its residential and commercial clients.

For companies, we offer a range of specialised design packages that are tailored for a wide variety of business concerns, ranging from corporate branding, commercial outlets, office and custom furniture needs, to designing high-end hotels, nightclubs and restaurants among others.
By working exclusively with a team of specifically trained and accredited professionals who have been carefully selected for each individual project, Design HUB Malta continuously exceeds its clients’ expectations. Steered by varied clients’ aspirations, as well as their widespread experiences, the firm designs interiors which allow clients to fully express what they are about and what holds meaning to them.

Over the years, Design HUB Malta has built strong relationships with every one of its clients, giving us the opportunity to be involved closely with them at several important stages of their life; from creating that once-in-a-lifetime wedding, to designing their very first home and re-styling it again in the future.

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and… what can we offer

We can design almost anything – we enjoy a challenge

Architecture Planning

Hand Drawn

3D Rendering

Concept Design

Furniture Design

Quality Control

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